Accepting new clients

The Grant Doctors is always looking for new client-partners. If your organization needs help applying for or managing federal grants, let us compete for your business. We have an extensive catalog of services to accommodate all needs and all budgets. We accept engagements of any duration: one hour (for technical assistance, document review, etc.); one project (applying for a grant, creating a sustainability plan, developing an indirect cost rate, fixing a grant management issue, staff training/coaching, etc.); one year (for ongoing assistance); or anything in-between. Visit our website to see all our services, then call or Email us for a price quote. We look forward to partnering with you!

Welcome to our corner of the Web

Enjoy your stay and please visit often. We’re going to share organizational development best practices for nonprofit/non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Learn more about our training and advisory services on our website. This blog will be updated with our latest thoughts, research and reviews. Feel free to join the conversation. All comments and inquiries are welcome.